Totty is a Hip Hop artist and promoter based out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

Totty Manifold Recording Studio Raleigh North Carolina Rap Hip Hop
Totty Owner Operator CEO Raleigh North Carolina Rap Hip Hop
Totty recording studio Ian Schreier Manifold Studios Raleigh North Carolina Rap Hip Hop Totty Music

Major Collaborations

* WLPWR- Producer @ SupaHotBeats
* Ian Schreier- Producer @ Manifold Recordings
* Skylar Grey- Artist @ Interscope Records
* Life at Red Hat- Production Team @ Red Hat

Major Events

Strange Music Street Team Lead - Strictly Strange 2017 Tour

*All Things Open- Welcome Social by Capital One
* Triangle Business JournalAcceptance Video
* Contoure For a Cause Fashion Show Fundraiser @ Raleigh Convention Center

* Red Hat- Music Video Release @ Lincoln Theatre
* Red Hat- Live Performance @ Lincoln Theatre

Totty Music is covered under artistic freedom of expression and freedom of speech and does not necessarily reflect personal views.

Totty is a trademark name of Totty Music LLC
All Rights Reserved Totty Music LLC